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The 109 Mile Syrah

The 2016 ‘109 Mile Syrah’ is a cool-climate Syrah from a single estate vineyard in Ventura County. This site is 19 miles from the Pacific with average daily temperatures around 75F and a 20 degree diurnal temperature swing.

This is a classic Syrah with a perfect balance of vibrant acidity, restrained alcohol levels, and dark blackberry fruit flavors.  Only two barrels were produced.

Individual vineyard rows were selected at harvest to balance structure, color, and acidity in the finished wine. The grapes were hand-picked before sunrise in late September. The grapes arrived at the winery cool, were hand-sorted, gently crushed, and divided into two separate lots.

Both lots went through a three day cold soak before each was inoculated with a different yeast. One yeast was chosen to accentuate aromatics while the other was chosen to maximize body.  The must was then fermented to dryness over 10 days with malolactic fermentation being initiated partway through the fermentation. Each lot of wine was then barreled separately for tasting and aging before the decision was made to blend the lots together during the second racking in January. The wine was aged in neutral oak barrels for 10 months prior to bottling in July 2017.

The 109 Mile Syrah can be enjoyed today and will continue to evolve complexity with bottle aging for the next five years. Decant or allow the bottle to breathe for 30 minutes if drinking today.

Retail price: $44

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The 109 Mile Grenache

The 2016 ‘109 Mile Grenache’ is restrained in body, sophisticated in taste, with sultry aromatics. Loads of strawberry notes meet the savory tinge of hillside sage to reflect the unique terroir of this area .

The source for this 2016 Grenache is the Swayze Vineyard at the far northern edge of Los Angeles County and adjacent to the Los Padres National Forest. It is  at the edge of the 109 mile radius we’ve set for ourselves and is personally farmed by the owners, Monty and Linda Swayze.  The warm inland climate produces fully ripe flavors and beautiful fruit. We harvested at a moderate 24.5 Brix to preserve some natural acidity. The Swayze Vineyard is typically the first vineyard picked and signals the start of the harvest season. We hand-picked the grapes in late August and packed them in dry ice to keep them cool for the drive back to the winery.

We hand-sorted at the winery. The fruit was de-stemmed and gently crushed before going through a three day cold soak as two separate lots. Each lot received a different yeast and the aromatics produced from each fermentation were noticeably different. After fermentation the must was pressed, the lees allowed to naturally settle via gravity, and the clean wine barreled. The wines was aged in neutral oak barrels over ten months and was bottled in July 2017.

Grenache is a delicate skinned grape with medium body and sensuous aromatics. People who enjoy lighter and medium bodied red wines will enjoy the fruit notes and elegance of this Grenache.

The 109 Mile Grenache is ready to drink today, but will continue to evolve in the bottle for the next several years.

Retail price: $42


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